Security is our top priority at Fetch. We design and engineer our products with security in mind.

Data Center Security

Our software runs on infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services which follows thorough security practices. You can read more about Amazon's security and cloud compliance policies here. Our infrastructure is audited regularly and updated with latest security patches.

Integration Security

Fetch always requests the least set of permissions required for us to be functional on behalf of your user account. The OAuth tokens generated are stored in password protected database that is accessible only to servers in our Virtual Private Cloud. To learn more about what we have on you and how to revoke tokens visit our FAQs

Transport Layer

All communications handled between the user and Fetch and between Fetch and connected SaaS applications happens over TLS. All our communication with connected SaaS applications happens over authenticated HTTPS.

Further information

For any further information, questions or comments regarding anything security contact us at security@getfetch.ioIf you are reporting something sensitive and would like to encrypt your email, use our PGP key